Maybe This Is You!

Maybe this article comes a little late for you this year but let’s pretend that it’s April 14th 2015. Or better yet, let’s say we are preparing ourselves for 2016. Either way… enjoy!

Yes, I know I haven’t finished filing my taxes yet, but…

  • I forgot it was time to do that tax stuff.
  • I got a puppy – who ate my tax return.
  • I told my spouse to do it. Damn him/her. I don’t know how to do that tax stuff.
  • I drink a lot and forget things, like times and dates and deadlines. Wait, what is the IRS again?

Just Call The Guy!

Why did you start your business? Is it because you had a certain skill? Or maybe a real passion for something? Probably you figured you had what it took to get your baby off the ground. But after you’d been at it for a while, you probably figured out that, wait a minute, you probably shouldn’t be wearing all the hats. This is when you figure out that your business needs more than just tender loving care. This is when you face the music that there are other skills you need to maintain and grow your business. And you don’t really have them.

Losing My Virginity! Sounds Like Something You Would Like To Read About Right?


Mean Girls /

Thought your days of hitting the books were over because you’re running a business like, well, a boss? You’re out of school and knee deep in running a business, but guess what? As the big dog of your enterprise you still need to read.

Okay, so you want the good news, right? Wait for it…

You Know Darn Well You Are Your Business’ Bank!

You Know Darn Well You Are Your Business’ BankIf you’re the big dog, or even the only dog, at your business, chances are good that you’re also the bank for your business. Now, if you’re asking yourself just what the heck that means, keep your pants on while I explain. Basically, it means you decide where the cash goes and when it gets there. And let’s face it, you probably invest a healthy portion of your personal money into the business as well.

So now that we’ve established that you are, in fact, the head honcho in charge of your company’s money rolls, let’s talk a little about mixing your personal and business funds. If you’ve read anything at all about running a business, you know you’re supposed to keep your personal and business funds entirely separate from each other. That looks pretty on paper, but any bootstrapper knows it’s harder to do in practice, especially in those first couple of years when you have a lot of your personal money feeding the business like a green IV line.

Why Is Face to Face Networking Still Important?

Why Is Face to Face Networking Still Important

Our world is becoming increasingly digital. You can get sales from people around the globe, develop friendships with people across the pond, and even start lucrative partnerships with people you’ve never met. Since all it takes to connect with others is click a few buttons while sitting behind your desk or at home in your pajamas, why should you bother going to networking events or even meeting for coffee?

3 Reasons to Join Business and Networking Organizations

3 Reasons to Join Business and Networking OrganizationsSome people just aren’t big joiners. If you’re one of them, you may think there’s not much reason to join business or networking organizations. And while you can do just fine without them, there are many reasons to join in.

Before you erase joining organizations from your list of things to do, consider the following 3 reasons to join a business or networking organization: