4 Must-Have Tools for Business Networking

4 Must-Have Tools for Business NetworkingIf you’re both committed and enthusiastic, business networking isn’t really all that hard. However, there are some tools you can use to make networking easier and your efforts more effective. Here are 4 must-have tools for business networking. Continue reading

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How to Escape a Dead-End Conversation

How to Escape a Dead-End ConversationWe’ve all been there. The conversation was going well at first, until the other party took over and began a long, drawn-out conversation for which your input wasn’t needed (and maybe not even wanted). That’s when you realize you’ve run into a person who wants to talk only about himself and isn’t really into listening or asking questions about you and your business.

What do you do in such a situation? How do you extricate yourself from a conversation that’s truly going nowhere without seeming rude? Continue reading

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How to Give a Shoutout on Instagram

Stone wall and pavement of vintage town squareWe recently covered what an Instagram shoutout is and how it can help your business. If another Instagram user is giving you a shoutout, you’re pretty much good to go as long as you have a compelling profile set up. But what about when you’re the one who will give the shoutout?

In that case, you need to know how to take a screenshot for Instagram and then upload it to your account. Here’s how to make it happen: Continue reading

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Happy New Year!!!

Wishing You All A Prosperous New YearWishing You All A Prosperous New Year!

From Your Michigan Marketer Family :)

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Wishing You All a Merry Christmas!

mm merry christmas

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas

from your Michigan Marketer Family!!!

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Committed to Networking? Avoid These Mistakes

Broken Links in Chain Separation Damaged ConnectionIs there a wrong way to do business networking? Absolutely! The good news is you don’t have to figure it out on your own. You can learn from the mistakes others have made before you. Here’s are 4 common mistakes to avoid: Continue reading

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5 Steps to Workaholic Recovery

Office worker asleep at deskSo, you’ve discovered you’re a workaholic? Don’t just give in and give up. Do something about it. Workaholic tendencies not only lead to problems with your health and family life, but also cause burnout, which ultimately blocks creativity and tanks productivity. Then there’s also the issue of quality.

If you’re constantly trying to do more than you should, chances are your quality, and therefore your business, will suffer. Here’s how to recover: Continue reading

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3 Secrets for Successful Business Networking

3 Secrets for Successful Business NetworkingNetworking helps you not only gain new customers and clients but also get help and information when you need it. Ready to make the most of it?

Here are 3 secrets to successful networking for your business:

1. Networking is part of your life.

It’s a mistake to think of networking as something you do on certain days, at particular events, at specific times, or worse, whenever you’re not too busy. It’s also a mistake to think of it as an action to be performed separately from everything else you do for your business.

Instead, think of networking as who you are and part of the fabric of your life. You are always meeting new people, bumping into someone you already know, and communicating with others in person, by phone, via email, etc. As such, you should always work to build and nourish your network, be a resource, make referrals, and reach out to others. Special events can prove helpful, but make networking an everyday thing.

2. You already have over 100 people in your network, even if you’re just getting started.

Everyone you know is a networking contact who can help you make new connections, sell more and get help when you need it. Consider these people:

*Current and Former Customers—These people know all about you and your business, so if you prove to be worthy of their trust and patronage, most will be happy to refer others to you.

*Suppliers—Refer others to them, and when the time comes, they will be happy to send customers your way or extend a helping hand.

*Colleagues—Getting to know these people personally means you’re building alliances, which can only help you going forward.

*Competitors—It might surprise you that competitors can become part of your network, but they can prove helpful for referrals and sending customers and clients your way when they don’t have the resources, time, or skill to help them. These networking contacts can also prove helpful sources of industry information and even offer opportunities to expand your business.

*Former Classmates and Co-workers—These people used to know and like you, so reconnect with them and strike up a conversation. They may introduce you to like-minded people, become your customers, provide referrals, share information, and invite you to networking events.

*Neighbors—Don’t just smile and wave. Make some time for chit chat. Neighbors can become a great source of referrals and networking opportunities.

*Friends and family—These people know and love you. Keep them up todate on what you’ve been up to and what you’re trying to achieve. Don’t have expectations or apply pressure, but do stay in touch and reach out with a helping hand whenever possible.

3. It’s all about relationships.

Networking can seem like hard work, but it doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Essentially, all networking means is developing and nurturing relationships, giving help when possible, and getting help when needed. Keep a positive attitude, and remain open to opportunities as they present themselves.

Have an interesting business networking story to share? Want to share tips for making contacts? We’d love to hear from you! Share your stories and tips in the comments.

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3 Signs You’re a Workaholic

workaholicToday’s business world is faster-paced than ever before. People expect to squeeze more into their days and set much tighter deadlines than in the past. And then there’s the technology, which allows business people to work from virtually anywhere.

It’s easier than ever to become a workaholic. Here are 3 signs that you’re already there: Continue reading

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12 Business Networking Quotes to Remember

business quotes

We can all use a little inspiration to help us meet challenges, work through obstacles, and continuing pressing on toward our goals.

Well, here’s some of that much-needed inspiration in the form of business networking quotes—12 of them! Keep them handy to help you push through the rough times! Continue reading

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