It’s Like A Tick On A Dog!

Its like a Tick on a Dog

You’ve heard that old saying–the one about how you are what you eat? If you’re on a steady diet of donuts and potato chips, you can expect to be not only out of shape but also headed for a mountain of hospital bills (and that’s if you’re lucky enough to make it to the hospital).

Well, the same thing goes for who you eat, drink, and do business with. Choose the right people and they’ll help you stay motivated and headed for success. Choose badly and you’re in as much trouble as a rat in a snake cage.

I Don’t Care What They Say. Don’t Carry A Football To A Networking Event!

Correct Or True Answer

If there’s one way to stick out like a sore thumb, it’s by wearing the wrong thing. Nothing says smuck more than showing up dressed to hit your favorite burger joint or your buddy’s BBQ when everyone else is rocking a power suit. But who can blame you for showing up looking like that? Because you keep it real. Wrong! You are actually as confused as a fart in a fan factory. Your stink just goes everywhere. Hey, but you’re noticed.

Crap I Just Figured Out I’m a Nobody

Crap I Just Figured Out I’m a Nobody

What pops up when customers and prospects go looking for your name? If it’s some report about an idiot robbing a bank with a mask on, but they just happen to be wearing your favorite Nike T Shirt with the slogan Just Do It, you just might have a problem.

It’s absolutely critical to brand your business. We all know that, but did you know it’s important to brand yourself, too? More and more, people want to connect with the person behind the business, and that means you. They want to hear your story and know what your business means to you. And besides that, they want to feel good about patronizing your business because they have a reason to like you, and most importantly, trust you.

Too Big for Your Britches?

Too Big for Your Britches

Remember when your granny (or mama or daddy) said you were getting too big for your britches? That usually meant you were moving too fast, getting into things you weren’t ready for, and headed for trouble. Maybe it even meant you were mouthing off a bit. Well, guess what? You can get too big for your britches in business too. In this case, however, you’re headed for more than a timeout (or a whooping, depending on when and where you grew up). In this case, you might just be heading for disaster.

Is Your Business Partner a Nightmare Dressed as a Daydream?

Is Your Business Partner a Nightmare Dressed as a Daydream

If you get into bed with the wrong dog, you’re sure to get fleas. And that’s what you need to remember about business partnerships. No matter how fantastic the wrapping, it’s what’s inside that counts, and it’s way too easy to get stuck with a dud. Here’s what you need to know to figure out if your partner is a nightmare dressed like a daydream.

Back off, Bud! How to Network Without Being Obnoxious

How to Network Without Being Obnoxious

You’re committed to networking. You’ve heard how much it can help your business. Not the type to half-step, you work to make sure everyone knows who you are and what you do. However, if you’re getting a lot of side eye and some less-than-enthusiastic responses, it may be you, not them. Here’s what you need to know to network without winning the title for Mr. or Mrs. Obnoxious.

Are You a Hoot or a Toot?

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An important part of networking is likability. People like being around genuine people and can’t wait to distance themselves from those who are obviously full of it. Which camp do you fit in? Are you a hoot or a toot?  Here’s my definition of these two kinds of people: A Hoot is a person everyone likes, and most importantly, respects and wants to be around. A Toot is a person that people shy away from, just like you would if someone tooted in your presence. Read on to learn about this phenomenal theory:

Yes I Am All Over This Online Marketing Thing. You Won’t Have To Sport Any Logo Adorned Hat Of Mine On One Of Your Bad Hair Days.

businessman draws flowchart of marketing strategy
You’re all about the Internet, and your online marketing gets results? That’s fine and dandy like a rose-colored Christmas, but don’t get too happy. You can get more exposure, more business, and more sales if you remember there’s life in the brick-and-mortar world too. Here’s how to incorporate offline efforts with online marketing:

Employees Who Steal From You Deserve To Be Shot, Right ?

money in vault

Okay, maybe not shot. That’s a little on the extreme side, but a good butt kicking is in order, right? Here you are, giving them steady work and a pleasant work environment, and they have the nerve to steal from you. But, then again, what if it’s your fault? Have you ever tried to kick your own butt? It isn’t easy to do, let me tell you, though you might deserve it at times.

Maybe This Is You!

Maybe this article comes a little late for you this year but let’s pretend that it’s April 14th 2015. Or better yet, let’s say we are preparing ourselves for 2016. Either way… enjoy!

Yes, I know I haven’t finished filing my taxes yet, but…

  • I forgot it was time to do that tax stuff.
  • I got a puppy – who ate my tax return.
  • I told my spouse to do it. Damn him/her. I don’t know how to do that tax stuff.
  • I drink a lot and forget things, like times and dates and deadlines. Wait, what is the IRS again?